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welcome to girlwank, home of any and all femslash discussion.

this community is open to discussions, meta, rants and questions about anything related to femslash and femslash fandom. you don't have to consider yourself a "femslasher" to participate here. anyone is welcome, so long as they are interested in discussing femslash issues in an open-minded and intelligent way.

the rules are simple and straightforward: don't take things personal and don't mount any personal attacks. follow those, and we'll all get along fine.

girlwank is part of a big family of femslash communities, which includes:
- femslash_today (multifandom femslash newsletter)
- girlsonscreen (femslash focused tv)
- getyourtoaster (BSG mini femslash ficathons)
- madeofgay (the control center of it all)
- femslash100 (multifandom femslash drabbles)

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